I’m a writer, and I love to write.

There are many types of writers, but I’m specifically referring to authors. Authors who write flash fiction, short fiction, non-fiction, novellas, and novels. If you’ve ever put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard and got out a thought, a sentence or an entire book – then you’re a writer.

And writers love to write. But not all writers write daily. But they wish they did. Now you can track, plan and plot your writing a week out, a month out or a year out with this ilovetowrite.org wall calendar.

See your success grow daily.

Feel good when you build up a three day streek.

Or a 30 day streek.

See at a glance your sucess. Because the first step for a writer is to write. The second is edit. Next Revise. Of course you can do step 2 and 3 as many as you like, but eventually, you will get to the exciting and sometimes terrifying step of publishing. Feel good at your accomplishment, your personal sucess, then….repeat it.