Get A Writing Buddy

I have the pleasure of a writing buddy who writes so beautifully that I am giddy every time I see another chapter in my inbox.

As I read, I don’t offer a lot of critiques because she’s just that good.

What I offer is being her accountability buddy. I keep her motivated by looking forward to reading her chapters, by commenting on what I felt, what I expect to happen and where I hope it doesn’t go.

I also have bucket loads of marketing experience that I offer, so it’s not entirely an unequal partnership.

This past weekend we meet to go over the series she’s writing, where it’s going and how to market it. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty excited about her book to get published because it’s a great story.

But what stuck out must in our meeting today is when she told me how long she had been stewing on this story. Over five years! She never dedicated time and effort to it because she would find other exciting things to do such as painting another incredible arty stuff.

She thanked me for being her reader because she is more motivated now than ever before. She writes every day – sometimes at 2AM to work on a chapter that needed refining.

I absolutely love her writing process. It’s helped me with mine. She’s my critique partner, my writing buddy, and my friend.

As a writer to another writer, I strongly encourage you to find one.

Until you do, keep writing.

Make 2019 Your Year

Do you have an idea for a great story?

Or are you already working on it?

Are you working on it every day? Or do you let a few days go by?

There is no right way or wrong way to write, but you still have to write. For professionals, they write every day.

I’m not a J.K. Rowling or Stephen King, nor would I ever pretend to be, but I try to get in five to six writing days a week. And as amazing as that may sound, I have to confess, I don’t get in thousands upon thousands of word. I get in a few hundred depending on if I am writing or revising.

How many words do you get in?

Would you like to have something great to track your progress?

Me too.

Last month, I thought long and hard about commissioning a graphic designer to make a calendar specifically designed for writers.

The calendar I had made has daily checkboxes so you can see your daily progress. Track how often you write, or how many words you get in a day. Plan or plot when you will start your next book.

The possibilities are only defined by your creativity.

So if you’re thinking of writing, if you’re already writing, or if you’re like me and want to see your progress at-a-glance, check out the new calendar.