At the beginning of 2018, I bought a wall calendar to keep track of how often I ran. I had not been running in years and thought this was the year for me.

I unrolled the colorful calendar and posted it where I would have to see it every day. Then I placed a blue marker next to it, ready to hit the road with a vengeance.

I got in three runs the first week.

One more run before the end of the month.

None in February.

Turns out, 2018 was not the year for running.

Probably because I was focused on writing. With a husband who loves softball, who has several games a week, in addition to two-high energy children, I didn’t have a lot of time for my self. And when I did get time, I had a choice: Write or Run.

I chose writing.

As a result of those daily choices, I was able to put up my own author platform, start my social media accounts, and publish 3 Books!

To a prolific author, 3 books a year might not be unusual, but to me three books, plus keeping up with social media accounts, blogs, and a monthly newsletter, I thought I was doing fabulously.

Except I kept seeing that stupid running calendar.

Every day, I walked into my office, and every day I walked out knowing I wasn’t running. I wasn’t achieving a goal I set for 2018.

Seeing that 30×40 wall calendar and the minimal X’s I had crossed off always had a way of making me feel like a failure. So I decided I needed a new calendar. A writing calendar. I wanted to see at-a-glance my writing success.

I wanted to see X’s all over the wall so I could look over at it every day and know I was going to write, because I had been writing, and I had a goal – I had novels to write.

The problem…there was no wall calendar with all 365 days on it. Nothing that said, “I’m a writer, and I’m writing every day.”

I remembered a quote about an author who couldn’t find the book he wanted to read – so he wrote it himself. With that concept in mind, I found an artist and commisioned a wall calendar. One that was created with writers in mind. One that will track your progress and let you see at-a-glance how well you’re doing.

The calendar will be up for sale before the end of October 2018. Hope you come back and check it out.